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AMME1362: Materials 1 AMME1960: Biomedical Engineering 1A AMME1961: Biomedical Engineering 1B AMME2000: Engineering Analysis AMME2200: Introductory Thermofluids AMME2301: Mechanics of Solids 1 AMME2500: Engineering Dynamics AMME2960: Biomedical Engineering 2 AMME3500: System Dynamics and Control AMME4111: Thesis A AMME4112: Thesis B AMME4710 Computer Vision and Image Processing AMME4790 Introduction to Biomechatronics AMME4971: Tissue Engineering AMME5020: Capstone Project A AMME5021: Capstone Project B AMME5520 Advanced Control and Optimisation AMME5921: Biomedical Engineering Technology 2 AMME9261: Fluid Mechanics 1 AMME9262: Thermal Engineering 1 AMME9301: Mechanics of Solids 1 AMME9302: Materials 1 AMME9500: Engineering Dynamics AMME9501: System Dynamics and Control AMME9700: Instrumentation AMME9901: Anatomy and Physiology for Engineers AMME9961: Biomechanics and Biomaterials AMME9971: Applied Tissue Engineering AMME9981: Computational Biomedical Engineering AMME9990: Biomedical Engineering Technology 1 BUSS1001 Understanding Business BUSS1002 The Business Environment CHEM1101: Chemistry 1A CHEM1102: Chemistry 1B CHNG1103: Material and Energy Transformations Introduction CHNG2801: Conservation and Transport Processes CHNG2803: Energy and Fluid Systems Practice CHNG3801: Process Design CHNG3802: Control and Reaction Engineering CHNG3803: Chemical/Biological Process Design CHNG3804: Biochemical Engineering CHNG3805: Product Formulation and Design CHNG3806: Management of Industrial Systems CHNG3807: Products and Value Chains CHNG3808: Polymer Engineering CHNG3809: Laboratory and Industrial Practice CHNG4802: Chemical Engineering Design A CHNG4806: Chemical Engineering Design B CISS6022 Cybersecurity COMP2007: Algorithms and Complexity COMP2007: Algorithms and Complexity COMP2022: Formal Languages & Logic COMP2121: Principles of Distributed Systems and Networks COMP2129: Operating Systems and Machine Principles COMP2907: Algorithms and Complexity (Advanced) COMP3109: Programming Languages and Paradigms COMP3308 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence COMP3308: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence COMP3419: Graphics and Multimedia COMP3520: Operating Systems Internals COMP3530: Discrete Optimization COMP3608: Intro. to Artificial Intelligence (Adv) COMP3615 Software Development Project COMP5045 Computational Geometry COMP5046 Natural Language Processing COMP5047 Pervasive Computing COMP5048 Visual Analytics COMP5206 Information Technologies and Systems COMP5216 Mobile Computing COMP5313 Large Scale Networks COMP5318 Machine Learning and Data Mining COMP5338 Advanced Data Models COMP5347 Web Application Development COMP5348 Enterprise Scale Software Architecture COMP5349 Cloud Computing COMP5415 Multimedia Design and Authoring COMP5416 Advanced Network Technologies COMP5424 Information Technology in Biomedicine COMP5425 Multimedia Retrieval COMP5426 Parallel and Distributed Computing COMP5427 Usability Engineering COMP5456 Introduction to Bioinformatics COMP5702 IT Research Project A COMP5703 Information Technology Capstone Project COMP5704 IT Research Project B COMP5707 Information Technology Capstone A COMP5708 Information Technology Capstone B COMP9007: Algorithms COMP9103: Software Development in Java COMP9110: System Analysis and Modelling COMP9120: Database Management Systems COMP9129: Software Construction COMP9220: Object-Oriented Design ELEC1103: Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronic Engineering ELEC1601: Introduction to Computer Systems ELEC2103: Simulation and Numerical Solutions in Engineering ELEC2104: Electronic Devices and Circuits ELEC2302: Signals and Systems ELEC2602: Digital Logic ELEC3104 Engineering Electromagnetics ELEC3105: Circuit Theory and Design ELEC3203 Electricity Networks ELEC3204 Power Electronics and Applications ELEC3206 Electrical Energy Conversion Systems ELEC3304 Control ELEC3305 Digital Signal Processing ELEC3404 Electronic Circuit Design ELEC3405 Communications Electronics and Photonics ELEC3505 Communications ELEC3506 Data Communications and the Internet ELEC3607 Embedded Systems ELEC3608 Computer Architecture ELEC3609 Internet Software Platforms ELEC3610 E-Business Analysis and Design ELEC3702 Management for Engineers ELEC3802 Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering ELEC3803 Bioelectronics ELEC4505 Digital Communication Systems ELEC4706 Project Management ELEC4712: Thesis A ELEC4713: Thesis B ELEC5020: Capstone Project A ELEC5021: Capstone Project B ELEC5101 Antennas and Propagation ELEC5203 Topics in Power Engineering ELEC5204 Power Systems Analysis and Protection ELEC5205 High Voltage Engineering ELEC5206 Sustainable Energy Systems ELEC5207 Advanced Power Conversion Technologies ELEC5208 Intelligent Electricity Networks ELEC5211 Power System Dynamics and Control ELEC5212 Power System Planning and Markets ELEC5303 Computer Control System Design ELEC5402 Digital Integrated Circuit Design ELEC5403 Radio Frequency Engineering ELEC5507 Error Control Coding ELEC5508 Wireless Engineering ELEC5509 Mobile Networks ELEC5510 Satellite Communication Systems ELEC5511 Optical Communication Systems ELEC5512 Optical Networks ELEC5514 Networked Embedded Systems ELEC5516 Electrical and Optical Sensor Design ELEC5614 Real Time Computing ELEC5615 Advanced Computer Architecture ELEC5616 Computer and Network Security ELEC5617 Topics in Software Engineering ELEC5618 Software Quality Engineering ELEC5619 Object Oriented Application Frameworks ELEC5620 Model Based Software Engineering ELEC5621 Digital Systems Design ELEC5622 Signals, Software and Health ELEC5701 Technology Venture Creation ELEC5736: Foundations of Digital Signal Processing ELEC5739: Foundations of Communications ELEC5740: Foundations of Data Comm & the Internet ELEC5744: Foundations of Digital Comm Systems ELEC5803 Advanced Bioelectronics ELEC9103: Simulations & Numerical Solutions in Eng ELEC9104 Engineering Electromagnetics ELEC9302: Signals and Systems ELEC9305: Digital Signal Processing ELEC9505 Communications ELEC9506 Data Communications and the Internet ELEC9515 Digital Communication Systems ELEC9601: Computer Systems ELEC9602: Digital Logic ELEC9607 Embedded Systems ELEC9609 Internet Software Platforms ELEC9610 E-Business Analysis and Design ELEC9703: Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronic Engineering ELEC9704: Electronic Devices and Circuits ENGG1000 History and Philosophy of Engineering ENGG1111: Integrated Engineering 1 ENGG1801 Engineering Computing ENGG1802: Engineering Mechanics ENGG1805: Professional Engineering and IT ENGG2111: Integrated Engineering 2 ENGG3111: Integrated Engineering 3 ENGG4000: Practical Experience ENGG4111: Integrated Engineering 4 ENGG5011: Engineering Foundation Studies A ENGG5103: Safety Systems and Risk Analysis ENGG5202: Sustainable Design, Engineering & Management ENGG5203 Quality Engineering and Management ENGG5204: Engineering Professional Practice ENGG5205 Professional Practice in Project Management ENGG5214 Management of Technology ENGG5215 International Engineering Strategies and Operations ENGG5216 Management of Engineering Innovation ENGG5217: Practical Experience ENGG9801: Engineering Computing HSBH5003 eHealth for Health Professional IDEA9106 Design Thinking INFO1003 Foundations of Information Technology INFO1103: Introduction to Programming INFO1105: Data Structures INFO1903 Informatics (Advanced) INFO2110: Systems Analysis and Modelling INFO2120: Database Systems 1 INFO2150 Health System Data Standards & Analysis INFO2315 Introduction to IT Security INFO2315: Introduction to IT Security INFO2820: Database Systems 1 (Advanced) INFO2911: IT Special Project 2A INFO2912: IT Special Project 2B INFO3220 Object Oriented Design INFO3315 Human-Computer Interaction INFO3402: Management of IT Projects and Systems INFO3402: Management of IT Projects and Systems INFO3404 Database Systems 2 INFO3406 Introduction to Data Analytics INFO3504 Database Systems 2 (Adv) INFO3504: Database Systems 2 (Adv) INFO3600: Major Development Pro INFO3600: Major Development Project (Advanced) INFO5010 Empirical Security Analysis and Security Engineering INFO5011 IT Advanced Topic B INFO5060 Data Analytics and Business Intelligence INFO5301 Information Security Management INFO5306 Enterprise Healthcare Information Systems INFO5990 Professional Practice in IT INFO5991 Services Science Management and Engineering INFO5992 Understanding IT Innovations INFO6007 Project Management in IT INFO6010 Advanced Topics in IT Project Management INFO6012 Information Technology Strategy & Value INFO9105: Data Structures INFS2020 Business Process Modelling & Improvement INFS3040 Enterprise Systems & Integrated Business ISYS2140 Information Systems ISYS3400 Information Systems Project ISYS3401 Analytical Methods & Information Systems ISYS5050 Knowledge Management Systems MATH1001 Differential Calculus MATH1002 Linear Algebra MATH1003: Integral Calculus and Modelling MATH1004 Discrete Mathematics MATH1005 Statistics MATH1901 Differential Calculus (Advanced) MATH1903 Integral Calculus and Modelling Advanced MATH1905 Statistics (Advanced) MATH2061 Linear Mathematics and Vector Calculus MATH2063 Math Computing and Nonlinear Systems MATH2065 Partial Differential Equations (Intro) MATH2067: DEs and Vector Calculus for Engineers MATH2068 Number Theory and Cryptography MATH2069 Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory MATH2070 Optimisation and Financial Mathematics MECH2400: Mechanical Design 1 MECH2901: Anatomy and Physiology for Engineers MECH3460: Mechanical Design 2 MECH3660: Manufacturing Engineering MECH3921: Biomedical Design and Technology MECH4961: Biomechanics and Biomaterials MECH5720 Sensors and Signals MECH9261: Fluid Mechanics 2 MECH9361: Mechanics of Solids 2 MECH9362: Materials 2 MECH9660: Manufacturing Engineering MTRX1701: Introduction to Mechatronic Engineering MTRX1702: Mechatronics 1 MTRX1705: Introduction to Mechatronic Design MTRX2700: Mechatronics 2 MTRX3700: Mechatronics 3 MTRX3760: Mechatronic Systems Design MTRX5700 Experimental Robotics PHIL1012 Introductory Logic PHYS1001 Physics 1 (Regular) PHYS1003: Physics 1 (Technological) PHYS2213: Physics 2EE PUBH5010 Epidemiology Methods and Uses PUBH5018 Introductory Biostatistics STAT2012 Statistical Tests STAT2912 Statistical Tests (Advanced) STAT5002 Introduction to Statistics STAT5003 Computational Statistical Methods


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