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Jacob tutors in Sydney, Australia

Jacob W.

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MECH9011 ME Project A MECH9012 ME Project B MECH9223 Machine Condition Monitoring MECH9325 Fundamentals of Acoustics & Noise MECH9420 Composite Materials and Mechanics MECH9650 Introduction to Micro Electromechanical Systems MECH9720 Solar Thermal Energy Design MECH9751 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 1 MECH9761 Automobile Engine Technology AERO3110 Aerospace Design MMAN1300 Engineering Mechanics MMAN2100 Engineering Design 2 MMAN2130 Design and Manufacturing MMAN2300 Engineering Mechanics 2 MMAN2400 Mechanics of Solids 1 MMAN2600 Fluid Mechanics MMAN2700 Thermodynamics MMAN3000 Professional Engineering and Communication MMAN3200 Linear Systems and Control MMAN3400 Mechanics of Solids 2 MMAN4010 Thesis A MMAN4020 Thesis B MMAN4400 Engineering Management MMAN4410 Finite Element Methods AERO3410 Aerospace Structures AERO3630 Aerodynamics AERO3660 Flight Performance and Propulsion AERO4110 Aerospace Design Project A AERO4120 Aerospace Design Project B AERO4500 Spacecraft Engineering AERO4620 Dynamics of Aerospace Vehicles, Systems and Avioni AERO9500 Space Systems Architectures and Orbits AERO9610 The Space Segment MECH3091 Co-Operative Training A MECH3092 Co-Operative Training B MECH3110 Mechanical Design 1 MECH3610 Advanced Thermofluids MECH4100 Mechanical Design 2 MECH4305 Fundamental and Advanced Vibration Analysis MECH4320 Engineering Mechanics 3 MECH4620 Computational Fluid Dynamics MECH4880 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 1 MECH4900 Mechanics of Fracture and Fatigue CVEN0610 Water and Soil Engineering CVEN1300 Engineering Mechanics for Civil Engineers CVEN1701 Environmental Principles and Systems CVEN2002 Engineering Computations for Civil Engineers CVEN2101 Engineering Construction CVEN2201 Soil Mechanics CVEN2301 Mechanics of Solids for Civil Engineers CVEN2302 Materials and Structures CVEN2303 Structural Analysis and Modelling CVEN2401 Sustainable Transport and Highway Engineering CVEN2402 Transport Engineering &Environmental Sustainabilit CVEN2501 Principles of Water Engineering CVEN2701 Water and Atmospheric Chemistry CVEN2702 Engineering Computations for Environmental Engineers CVEN3031 Civil Engineering Practice CVEN3101 Engineering Operations and Control CVEN3201 Applied Geotechnics and Engineering Geology CVEN3202 Soil Mechanics CVEN3203 Applied Geotechnics and Engineering Geology CVEN3301 Structural Analysis and Modelling CVEN3302 Structural Behaviour and Design CVEN3303 Steel Structures CVEN3304 Concrete Structures CVEN3401 Sustainable Transport and Highway Engineering CVEN3402 Transport Engg & Environmental Sustainability CVEN3501 Water Resources Engineering CVEN3502 Water and Wastewater Engineering CVEN3701 Environmental Frameworks, Law and Economics CVEN3702 Solid Wastes and Contaminant Transport CVEN3731 Environmental Engineering Practice CVEN4002 Design Practice A CVEN4003 Design Practice B CVEN4030 Honours Thesis A CVEN4031 Honours Thesis B CVEN4032 Higher Honours Thesis A CVEN4033 Higher Honours Thesis B CVEN4040 Research Thesis A CVEN4041 Research Thesis B CVEN4050 Thesis A CVEN4051 Thesis B CVEN4101 Problem Solving for Engineers CVEN4102 Operations and Projects CVEN4103 Engineering Contracts CVEN4104 Sustainability in Construction CVEN4201 Rock and Slope Engineering CVEN4202 Advanced Topics in Geotechnical Engineering CVEN4203 Geomechanics CVEN4204 Ground Improvement and Monitoring Techniques CVEN4205 Environmental Geomechanics CVEN4301 Advanced Concrete Structures CVEN4304 Structural Analysis and Finite Elements CVEN4305 Advanced Materials Technology CVEN4307 Steel and Composite Structures CVEN4308 Structural Dynamics CVEN4310 Deformation Monitoring Surveys CVEN4401 Urban Transport Planning CVEN4402 Transport Systems - Part 1: Network Analysis CVEN4403 Transport Systems - Part 2: Queuing Theory CVEN4404 Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering CVEN4501 Catchment Modelling and Water Resources Management CVEN4502 Coastal Engineering CVEN4503 Groundwater Resource Investigation CVEN4504 Advanced Water & Wastewater Treatment CVEN4505 River Engineering CVEN4507 Advanced Water Engineering CVEN4701 Planning Sustainable Infrastructure CVEN4702 Hazardous Waste Treatment CVEN4703 Advanced Water Quality Principles CVEN4800 Satellite Remote Sensing and Applications CVEN4901 Special Project CVEN9000 Civil Engineering Design Practice CVEN9405 Urban Transport Planning Practice CVEN9407 Transport Modelling CVEN9414 Transport Systems Part 1 CVEN9415 Transport Systems Part 2 CVEN9421 Transport Logistics Engineering CVEN9422 Traffic Management and Control CVEN9511 Geotechnical Models and Site Investigation CVEN9512 Geomechanics CVEN9513 Advanced Foundation Engineering CVEN9514 Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering CVEN9521 Slope Instability and Stabilisation CVEN9522 Rock Engineering CVEN9523 Pavement Engineering and Analysis CVEN9524 Geotechnical Engineering of Dams CVEN9525 Fundamentals of Geomechanics CVEN9526 Earthquake Engineering and Foundation Dynamics CVEN9610 Surface Water Hydrology CVEN9611 Urban Hydrology and Stormwater Management CVEN9612 Catchment and Water Resources Modelling CVEN9620 Channels, Rivers and Estuaries CVEN9625 Fundamentals of Water Engineering CVEN9630 Groundwater Hydrology and Resources Analysis CVEN9631 Hydrogeochemistry CVEN9640 Coastal Engineering CVEN9701 Engineering Economics and Financial Management CVEN9702 Project Planning and Control CVEN9706 Human Resources Management CVEN9707 Contracts Management CVEN9710 Management of Risk CVEN9714 Resource Management CVEN9717 Marketing in Technology and Engineering CVEN9718 Strategic Management for Engineering CVEN9720 Problem Solving and Decision Making CVEN9723 Design of Construction Operations CVEN9726 Legal Studies and Professional Practice CVEN9730 International Project Management CVEN9731 Project Management Framework CVEN9741 Engineering Construction CVEN9742 Professional Civil Engineering CVEN9743 Construction Engineering Practices CVEN9744 Civil Engineering Practices CVEN9802 Structural Stability CVEN9806 Prestressed Concrete Design CVEN9809 Reinforced Concrete Design CVEN9818 Bridge Engineering CVEN9820 Computational Structural Mechanics CVEN9822 Steel and Composite Structures CVEN9855 Water and Wastewater Analysis and Quality Requirements CVEN9856 Water Treatment CVEN9857 Wastewater Treatment CVEN9872 Solid Waste Management CVEN9881 Hazardous Waste Management CVEN9884 Environmental Engineering Science 1 CVEN9885 Environmental Engineering Science 2 CVEN9888 Environmental Management CVEN9892 Sustainability Assessment and Risk Analysis CVEN9901 Special Topic in Civil and Environmental Engineering CVEN9930 Masters Project CVEN9931 Masters Project A CVEN9932 Masters Project B CVEN9950 Extension Masters Thesis CVEN9951 Extension Masters Thesis A CVEN9952 Extension Masters Thesis B CEIC8102 Advanced Process Control CEIC8104 Topics in Polymer Technology CEIC8105 Advanced Polymer Science and Research CEIC8204 Topics in Business Management in Chemical Engineering CEIC8205 Fuel and Energy Engineering CEIC8311 Instrumental Analysis in the Proc Industries CEIC8319 Minor Project CEIC8320 Process Engineering Project for M.EngSc program only CEIC8321 Extension Research Project CEIC8330 Process Engineering in the Petroleum Industry CEIC8331 Process Engineering: Natural Gas and Light Hydrocarbons to Petrochemicals CEIC8336 Environmental Chemistry in the Process Industries CEIC8341 Membrane Processes CEIC8351 Pharmaceutical Processing CEIC9002 Advanced Thesis A CEIC9003 Advanced Thesis B CEIC1000 Sustainable Product Engineering and Design CHEN6701 Advanced Reaction Engineering CHEN6703 Advanced Particle Systems Engineering CHEN6706 Advanced Transport Phenomena CHEN6710 Chemical process operations PTRL1010 Introduction to the Petroleum Industry PTRL2010 Business Practices in the Petroleum Industry PTRL2018 Introduction to Petrophysics PTRL2019 Reservoir Engineering A PTRL3001 Reservoir Engineering B PTRL3002 Reservoir Characterisation & Simulation PTRL3003 Field Development Geology and Geophysics PTRL3015 Well Drilling Equipment and Operations PTRL3022 Design Project for Petroleum Engineers PTRL3023 Formation Evaluation PTRL3025 Petroleum Economics PTRL4010 Integrated Oil & Gas Field Evaluation PTRL4011 Integrated Oil/Gas Field Evaluation PTRL4012 Enhanced Oil & Gas Recovery PTRL4017 Well Technology PTRL4020 Natural Gas Engineering PTRL4021 Petroleum Production Engineering PTRL4024 Drilling Fluids and Cementing PTRL4040 Research Thesis A PTRL4041 Research Thesis B PTRL5003 Well Pressure Testing PTRL5004 Numerical Reservoir Simulation PTRL5005 Design Project for Petroleum Engineers PTRL5006 Field Development Geology for Petroleum Engineers PTRL5007 Reservoir Engineering PTRL5008 Petroleum Production Economics PTRL5009 Well Drilling Equipment and Operations PTRL5010 Natural Gas Engineering PTRL5011 Petroleum Production Engineering PTRL5012 Drilling Mud - Formulation, Selection & Maintenance PTRL5013 Petroleum Geology PTRL5014 Petroleum Geophysics PTRL5015 Overview of the Petroleum Industry PTRL5016 Well Completions and Stimulation PTRL5021 Reservoir Characterisation PTRL5022 Drilling Systems Design & Optimisation PTRL5024 Drilling Fluids and Cementing Techniques PTRL5100 Geomechanics A PTRL5101 Petroleum Geomechanics B PTRL5102 Digital Core Analysis PTRL5107 Formation Evaluation PTRL6001 Reservoir Engineering 1 PTRL6003 Well Pressure Testing PTRL6004 Numerical Reservoir Simulation PTRL6007 Reservoir Engineering II PTRL6008 Petroleum Production Economics PTRL6009 Well Drilling Equipment and Operations PTRL6012 Drilling Mud - Formulation, Selection and Maintenance PTRL6016 Well Completions and Stimulation PTRL6021 Reservoir Characterisation PTRL6025 Well Control & Blowout Prevention PTRL6027 Casing Design & Cementing PTRL6028 Practical Aspects of Well Planning and Drilling Cost Estimates PTRL6029 Directional Horizontal and Multilateral Drilling PTRL6031 Deep water well engineering PTRL6032 Coal Seam Gas Engineering PTRL6107 Formation Evaluation PTRL7011 Petroleum Engineering Project A PTRL7012 Petroleum Engineering Project B CEIC1001 Engineering Chemistry CEIC2000 Material and Energy Systems CEIC2001 Fluid and Particle Mechanics CEIC2002 Heat and Mass Transfer CEIC2003 Chemical Engineering Laboratory CEIC2004 Industrial Chemistry for Chemical Engineers CEIC2005 Chemical Reaction Engineering CEIC2009 Material and Energy Balances in the Chemical Process Industry CEIC3000 Process Modelling and Analysis CEIC3001 Advanced Thermodynamics and Separation CEIC3002 Experimental Practice CEIC3003 Chemical Engineering Laboratory CEIC3004 Process Equipment Design CEIC3005 Process Plant Design CEIC3006 Process Dynamics and Control CEIC4000 Environment and Sustainability CEIC4001 Process Design Project CEIC4002 Thesis A CEIC4003 Thesis B CEIC4005 Thesis CEIC4006 Thesis Advanced CEIC4200 Industrial Experience CEIC4201 Industrial Experience CEIC6004 Advanced Polymers CEIC6005 Fuel and Energy


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